Culinarium Kitchenware from Scarborough, Maine

Culinarium started as an idea while working as a consultant on large scale concrete projects in the Fall of 2011.

As a specialist in concrete mix design who loves to cook & a wife who enjoys entertaining, we decided we would create something for our own personal use while cooking at home - a concrete salt cellar. After receiving requests & accolades from friends, we decided to put one up for sale online, to see what interest it would garner. That was 2 1/2 years ago & we have expanded the kitchenware line to include items that we personally enjoy utilizing while cooking & entertaining.  From idea, to design, to real-world testing... we want to ensure that all of our products exceed expectations which is why we are proud to offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee! As a small family business, we pride ourselves on our customer service & strive to create a product that folks cherish for a lifetime.

Culinarium Kitchenware from Scarborough, Maine Culinarium Kitchenware from Scarborough, Maine

What started as a small one-man operation in a studio, grew to a 4 person team with a workshop to accommodate our growing business. We have learned to fine tune our operation to work as efficiently as possible, so those savings can be passed onto our customers. Through trial & error, we have improved our mold making processes & the equipment that we use in order to create the most superior concrete houseware product on the market. The Culinarium team consists of skilled craftsman/woman who have years of experience honing their detail oriented skills . From fabrication to quality control to shipping & office procedures... each step along the way is just as important as the next.
Culinarium Kitchenware from Scarborough, Maine Culinarium Kitchenware from Scarborough, Maine
The fact that we enjoy cooking & working with innovative materials is what started us on our journey and is what keeps us interested in the creative process on a daily basis. We relish in the fact that we can take materials that people don't give much thought to, & fabricate something that is artfully designed while being utilitarian for the everyday cook! The fact that our materials are sustainable, is just an added bonus. Our family is from the coast, so we draw a lot of inspiration from the nature around us. Like a piece of sea glass that only gets more beautiful when handled by the unrelenting waves of the ocean, our products only improve with the passage of time... The patina that each piece displays is a testament to the unique characteristics of each and every customer who purchases our products. All of our products tell a story & testify to memories created in the heart of the home. This is what inspires us to create our lovingly, crafted Maine made products.