Meet 163 Design Company from Pittsfield, Maine

Driving along back roads across the state of Maine, dreaming up ideas together; that's what we've done for a long time.

We are a family business; Mark and Susan Schumpert, and daughter Jennifer Murray, and son-in-law Erick, and even grandsons who love to pitch ideas and help package. We live in the same town, on the same street, and enjoy celebrating life together.

163 Design Company Laser Art Products and Designs 163 Design Company Laser Art Products and Designs

Our family has always had a creative side - music, art, and woodworking. Our son is living his dream as an art director in Los Angeles. Mark taught public school music for 30 years but the family hobbies that had to be in the background, have now come to the front! In June of 2013 the “day job” ended and our dream of a family business is now our bread and butter. 

We are originally from New Mexico, but made Maine our home in 1998. Our design inspirations come from the lovely state we live in and the beauty that surrounds us as we hike the Atlantic seacoast and walk the forested trails nearby.

Our desire is to offer quality hand made products to our customers. To that end, we buy the best equipment, tools, and raw materials we can afford. We spend a lot of time testing our goods before we offer them for sale and we pay attention to customer feedback to improve our products if need be.

163 Design Company Laser Art Products and Designs

Our company name, 163 Design Company comes from Proverbs 16:3. “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.” We have been amazed at how God has directed our business. Remember, we came from homemaker and teacher backgrounds, not business. And yet our products are in retail stores throughout the nation and are represented by several online web business. We give God the glory for that and give of our income accordingly, so remember, your purchase not only supports our family, but other worthy causes as well.

163 Design Company Laser Art Products and Designs