Meet Artisans Chet Waltmans and Wayne Barclay from Standish Maine

We would like to share a little background on how a hobby blossomed into a business. 

In 2008, Chet was given a handcrafted bar of soap as a birthday gift from a co-worker and was intrigued by how she made it. The co-worker shared books, web sites and answered endless questions regarding the soap making process. Chet began to dabble in the craft and found it was very similar to cooking.

After many attempts, we came up with our own hand crafted soap recipe. We selected goat’s milk as the prominent ingredient because we were impressed with its skin healing and moisturizing properties.

We soon began to work on a recipe for a moisturizer that would complement our soap. We chose Shea butter and vitamin E because it absorbs quickly, revitalizes, softens & maintains skin moisture without leaving your skin greasy.

The latest addition to our line of personal care products is lip balm.  Comprised of bee’s wax, cocoa butter, almond oil and vitamin E, It too, conditions and moisturizes like our soap and body butter.