Meet Chef Michael Gagné from Bath Maine

Robinhood Meetinghouse was born from a single recipe that people just couldn’t get enough of.

Thirty years ago, Chef Michael Gagné of Maine was inspired to challenge the traditional southern biscuit recipe while working in Virginia. Using the French baking technique of sheeting and “laminating” dough, Michael combined puff pastry’s flaky elegance with the simplicity of a beloved biscuit. The result was the deliciously different Cream Cheese Biscuits.

When Michael returned home to Maine to raise his young daughters, he brought his biscuit recipe with him and kept baking. He opened the Robinhood Meetinghouse restaurant and made sure each of his guests was treated to as many baskets of piping-hot biscuits as they wanted, and most likely to a few of his stories and some laughs too.

Today you and your family can bake and savor the same biscuit recipe and distinctive process perfected so long ago.   We still use the finest, all natural and wholesome ingredients and a chef’s special care and attention to craft delightful baked goods.  The biscuits are just the beginning.