Meet Kim Napolitano-Perry with Perry Home Naturals

I started Winter Solstice Dreams after the birth of my daughter in 2009. 

I've always loved crafting, sewing, and homesteading so when my husband and I discussed our options for our new family, it was a bittersweet yet easy decision to make and a natural transition to go from teaching full-time to staying home with my daughter. I began the journey of my business, Winter Solstice Dreams, with so many things in mind; first and foremost though was a desire to make naturally derived, reusable, practical, multi-purposed, handmade items for the home. All of my products are fashioned with the utmost attention to detail. I use top quality materials and never cut corners; from the linen, to the organic herbs and oils down to the smallest details of my appliqués, I care about what I create.


Even more so, I care about my customers and their well-being. I mean that too; in a world full of “hurry up and get it done now”, I feel as though a lot of the personal touch is gone from the world. When you shop with me, you get stellar customer service AND a great product. I treat others as I want to be treated; with kindness, empathy, respect, and integrity.

The blends I design are made with my own hands, right in my workshop. I make small batches at a time to ensure that you always get top quality aroma-therapeutic products. I've been working with herbs, essential oils, and scents for over 17 years and have been busy growing my business since 2010. On a related note, I am proud to say that my business is an official Maine Made: America’s Best Company.


My home is in Western Maine. I would be lost without my husband who is really my best friend. He is a science teacher at our local high school where we actually taught together for a spell. After retiring from my teaching career, once my daughter was born, I not only began the business of Winter Solstice Dreams but we started raising chickens. I also took on the role of homesteading and wouldn't change ONE thing about the decisions we've made. We often say we love the life we created and I love the products I create in that incredible environment. I do believe firmly that things made with love, from the heart are truly some of the best things. My hope is that a little of our love comes through with anything that leaves my shop. Happiness is contagious! Thanks so much for dropping in.... Come back soon, often, and questions are always welcomed! LOOK SOON for a new name, new products, and more exciting news in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!!!

Kim Napolitano-Perry with Winter Solstice Dream