Bom Dia, Soap Company - Soap-maker and founder Nadeen Daniels describes her process in Portland Maine

I pride myself in the use of high quality oils and butters and strive to produce the best product available.

My company is Bom Dia, a Portuguese greeting meaning (have a) nice day. Our family was a military family and we lived in Portugal when I was a child. I spoke fluent Portuguese at the time and my father and I would exchange this salutation at the beginning and end of every day so, of course, it was the perfect name for my business start up in 2009.  My bath and body products came about as a result of a quest for relief for my husband's eczema. The retail products proved unworthy of their claims, so I set out to educate myself about the natural products that would provide relief.  This led to a true appreciation of nature's bounty and the healing element of natural herbs and their constituent oils.