About Us

Local. Handcrafted. Socially responsible.

We are a group of people who love Maine lifestyle, handmade products from Maine, and the artisans behind the unique entrepreneurial spirit that represents Maine. We might post a lobster bake how-to, or turn you on to a new coastal camp style, or introduce you to a new artisan entrepreneur. We’re sharing a collection of the best things we know that are made and found in Maine and the creative inspiration behind these finds.


Christine Williams CEO of Crocketts Cove

Christine Williams founded Crocketts Cove in 2014 with a group of like-minded people who live and breath Maine, artisan products, and the stories behind the products. A lover of handcrafts and art, Christine was frustrated trying to buy local, handmade products short of attending every craft show in the state. Combine that with a passion for hearing the story behind the artisan and a belief in supporting local causes, Christine convinced a team of co-founders who shared her passion to create a new kind of company. Formerly, Christine was vice-president of ThoughtLink Consulting, a women-owned defense contracting company in DC. From 2007-2012 Christine founded and served as ED of Child Soldier Relief, a nonprofit supporting former child soldiers that merged into the Romeo Dalliare Initiative in 2013. Christine lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and two children, heading to Vinalhaven at every possible opportunity - where she grew up spending her summers (and met local boy, Chris - see below!)


Chris Lane grew up on Vinalhaven Island and is the son of a 7th generation islander, Timothy Lane - owner and operator of L.R. Smith, the island dry goods and clothing store for more than 100 years. Chris serves as consul and general expert advice provider for anything legal, corporate or too lawyerly technical for Christine's artsy brain. He is an experienced attorney (12+ years) and current director of broker-dealer consulting services for a company in Portland, Maine.

 Emily Lane - VP Marketing Crocketts Cove







Emily Lane is our VP of Marketing and basically knows everyone in the state of Maine. She has lived on Vinalhaven island and Portland, Maine for the past 40 years and during that time has served as vice-president of export sales and marketing at Calendar Islands Maine Lobster, Export Sales and Marketing Manager for Portland Shellfish and is Vice Chair of the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative, rep to the Maine International Trade Center, Maine Lobstermen’s Association and serves on the Board of the Maine Grocers & Food Producers Alliance. Emily is member of U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s Maine Advisory Board. Living on an island doesn't slow her down - in any year she is heading to San Francisco, New York, Dubai, South Korea, China, Brussels, UK and elsewhere promoting Maine products.



John and Susan Williams

Susan Williams, CFO and tax consultant, is formerly partner and CFO of Julian V. Brandt III Real Estate Company in Charleston, South Carolina, and CFO of Water Features Unlimited, a fountain design and build company based in Charleston, SC. Susan has been spending the past 35 years summering on Vinalhaven island, Maine with her husband and family.

John Williams, our sales and new vendor acquisition consultant is also a registered Architect in Maine and South Carolina. John has 30+ years experience in sales and marketing, including formerly vice-president of business development for international general contractors Turner Construction and  J.A. Jones Construction. In between building and designing, John spends most waking moments sailing and, well just messing around on boats.