Belle - Giclée Print on Archival Stretched Canvas 11” x 14”

Belle began as a New Beford, Massachusetts whaling ship. She was captured by privateers during the War of 1812 and taken to Cuba where she was held hostage. Eventually released, her greatly reduced crew sailed her north. Some of the men decided to stay in Cuba, and some of them died during captivity. The first mate was in charge because the captain died of a deadly spider bite. During a landfall in South Carolina, she was bought by a wealthy man from Boston whose wife’s name was Belle. She served as a whaling ship for the next twenty-five years, principally in the Pacific Ocean hunting the very valuable sperm whales. The colorful array of maritime signal flags is indicative of a landfall. With all flags flying, a ship would enter a port showing its friendly intentions.

Before the telegraph, the telephone…and texting, communication from ship to ship and ship to shore depended on colorful signal flags, homeport flags and national flags. Maritime signal flags consisted of twenty-six flags (the alphabet), plus single flags that were individual, unique messages. Lovers of ships and the sea will be interested in this Giclee print collection being offered for the first time. Historic Ships, Whaling, Nantucket, Cape Cod, Seas of the World, Great Age of Sail, and Maritime Signal Flags.

Giclée Print on Archival Stretched Canvas 11” x 14”
Please allow 12-15 days for delivery.
Made to order.
Finished black edges, hang unframed or framed.

Made in Maine by Cynthia Gallant - Simpson.

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