Turned Wood Blizzard Bowl

Turning Wood - Revealing Life is the phrase that highlights the life history recorded in the rings of tree growth and the life history of the creator who fashions and the new life experience of the person who uses these items in current history moments.
Created during the January Northeaster Blizzard, this 10 inch figured maple bowl was crafted to demonstrate the power of the 30 ft waves and swirling snow patterns in the white out conditions and snow drift patterns left behind.  The bowl in a bowl concept with curling edge rims highlights the spalted tones and irregular grain patterns.  A reverse roll creates the underside of the wave concept inviting consideration of the layered texture of the blown snow drifts.  Soft to the touch the bees wax finish becomes warm to the finger rubbing the surface to explore the curves and shapes of the bowl.  Chips and a dip can be served or shrimp curled on the rim with a shrimp sauce center can be presented in a single pass among admiring guests.   As a table decor there is a range of possibilities from single standing piece to a base for a dried arrangement or flower vase. 


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