Cardinal in the Snow 8x10 Color Photograph

Cardinal in the Snow - 8x10 Color Photograph 
I snapped this photo of a handsome male cardinal during a mid-March snowstorm last year in Parsonsfield.  A pair of cardinals frequent the bird feeder in the back yard.  The cats and I all enjoy watching them, especially in the snow.  This fellow doesn't seem to mind the snow storm one bit!  Commonly associated with the Christmas season, the cardinal's bright red coloring brings us a reminder that passion, warmth and vibrancy surround us even during the dreary days of winter.  Some believe cardinals bring good luck or a sign that loved ones who have passed on are watching over us.  This is the perfect photo for any bird watcher or anyone who loves the symbolism and color of the cardinal.
The photograph is matted but unframed.  It will arrive without the watermark, printed on archival quality paper. The camera used to capture this image is a D7100 Nikon digital camera.  All photos are printed to order, so please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping.  Other sizes can be made available upon request.  
Photography by Beth Murphy focuses on the famous landmarks, the iconic images and especially the hidden gems found here in the Pine Tree State.  Our state is enchanting in all seasons and is full of inspiration, everywhere you look.  Whether you are a Maine native or from away, you're certain to find the perfect photograph here to remind you of times spent in Vacationland. 

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