Hops & Honey Shampoo Beer Soap (set of 2)

Our new Hops & Honey Shampoo bar is packed with hemp seed & grape seed oil, both known to help add moisture and balance to your hair and skin. Also included in the bars are coconut , olive and cocoa butter to produce a well balanced, creamy & indulgent shampoo bar that will leave your hair feeling soft and manageable. I have also added organic wildflower local honey for added silkiness and conditioning.

Our Hops & Honey Shampoo bar is great for dry hair. We left this one unscented and when using it you get a faint smell of hops and sweet honey!


Natural oils

recycled packaging

4 oz

vegetable based

Made with our Home Brewed Beer


Ingredients: Oils of Olive, grape seed, hemp seed, castor, coconut, & cocoa butter , wildflower honey, Home brewed amber ale. Unscented. 

Our shampoo bars are made with oils very high in essential fatty acids and vitamins that help to prevent moisture loss and help to add shine and clean your hair without stripping it of its natural oils..


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