Mochaccino Jarva Cake

The rich, molten mocha with hints of smoky coffee in our new Mochaccino Jarva cake will lure you in at first bite. This decadent treat is the perfect compliment to a cold winter's day. Let this cake seduce you into a few moments of pure indulgence.

We have taken a traditional lava cake recipe and simplified it for you to enjoy at a moments notice. The finest ingredients go into each small batch to achieve an unbelievable mix. All YOU need to do is just add water and the outcome is big in flavor and hugely satisfying. Our dry mix has a year long shelf life from the date of purchase so you can really stock up and keep plenty on-hand whenever that chocolate craving strikes! . Fast, easy and hugely satisfying is our goal to sweeten your "Bella" day one Jarva cake at a time!

"Jarva the cup" (Super sized in a 6 oz. ripple paper cup)

Specifically designed packaging for disposable convenience "on the go" or to be shared by two people.

Choose from five different flavors!

Made in Maine.

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