Orange and White Flower Reusable Sandwich Wrap by Pipsqueaks

Sandwich wrap that when folded out becomes a place-mat. Adjustable to fit kid sandwiches to "stuffed" ones. Velcro on all 4 corners to keep the sandwich secure. Unfolded measures 10.5"X10.5". 

Each wrap has 3 layers:
1. 100% cotton material on the outside
2. In between is a layer of 100% cotton that keeps your sandwich fresher for longer
3. Layer that touches the food is rip-stop nylon

Care of Wrap~
After each use clean by shaking out crumbs. Wipe off the inside with damp cloth and air-dry. For bigger messes wash in the washing machine with cold water and air-dry. Can use laundry spray if necessary. Please note: some foods such as extra cheesy goldfish, carrots and other foods high in color may permanently stain light colored fabric.

Ready to Ship: 1-2 business days

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