Pansy Bolo Necklace or Tie

Stained glass on glass mosaic with black, braided leather cord and adjustable slide back. 18” as worn with 1.5” mosaic slide. Great Blue Bolos, designed by mosaic artist Gretchen Schaefer, of Portland’s Great Blue Mosaic, are inspired by the Maine landscape. Each bolo includes a tiny glass mosaic worked on a base of clear glass, on black or brown braided leather bolo cord. The bolo slides are created using a combination of transparent and opaque stained glass, and sometimes include gemstone beads, or natural materials such as pebbles, shells and sea glass as part of their design. All stained glass and mosaic components are designed and handcrafted by the artist. Bolo slides are approximately one inch by 1 1/2 inches and are adjustable. Bolos are approximately 18 inches in length as worn, and are finished with silver or gold filled tips. Employing traditional methods, Great Blue Mosaic offers hand-made mosaic art. Each mosaic is designed and hand crafted by mosaic artist Gretchen Schaefer. Works typically include a variety of traditional and natural materials emphasizing contrast of color and texture. Great Blue Mosaic offers hangable wall art, glass on glass mosaic vessels such as vases, accent lights and decorative platters, and wearable mosaic jewelry including necklaces, brooches and earrings. Great Blue Mosaic also creates custom commissions for clients and works with contractors to produce custom wall insets for wet applications such as backsplashes, showers or spa rooms. References on request.

Made in Maine.


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