Small Stressed Buoy

Handmade Maine cedar lobster pot buoy. Comes in three color combinations:

Patriotic Colors: Red, White, and Blue

Coast Guard Colors: White, Orange, and Navy Blue

Maine Lobsterman's Colors: White, Newport Green, and Red

Buoy itself is 8 inches with a 100% leather strap nailed on top.  A 6 inch tail is placed in the butt of the buoy for a total length of 14 inches.  Each buoy measures between 4½ and 5 inches wide at the butt. Each buoy is painted with 2 coats an oil-based enamel paint for durability. All buoys are painted by hand so the lines will not be perfectly straight.  This also helps makes them unique and personal. These buoys are then “banged up” to make them looked used.

Each buoy starts out as a cedar log.  It is then cut into “blanks” and allowed to dry, if necessary.  It is then shaped.  Next, a wood tail is placed in the butt of the buoy.  It is then sanded smooth and painted with white primer, sanded again and then painted with its final colors. No two buoys are ever the same.  It depends on the size and shape of the cedar log. Some may be skinnier and some may be fatter. 

Since the buoys are a natural wood product, some cracking may occur. There is no way to determine when and/or if your buoy will crack.  There is no way to prevent this from happening.  Any cracks will add character to your buoy and make it unique.

A supply of these buoys is kept on hand at all times so should be able to ship within 1 to 3 business days.

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