Sweet Pebble Drop Lariat

Beach Pebble Series - Loving Anvil
A lovely beach pebble tumbled and tumbled in the Atlantic Ocean until it found its way to the sandy beach near our home near Biddeford Pool, Maine.  
My husband, daughter and I LOVE to treasure hunt on our beach walks. We find the smoothest of smooth pebbles, softened by the sand and the salt and the waves. Soothing in the hand, it’s lovely to have a worry stone set in a ring or available around the neck to give a quick rub and grounding presence during the day. And with that thought, the Loving Anvil Beach Pebble line was born.
Here is one of the pocketfuls of pebbles we brought home. The soft cream and milky white pebbles make beautiful, softly romantic rings, reminiscent of summer days and quiet ease. The dreamy soft grays, ranging from light to deep, and do truly soothe the spirits while providing enough “worry” surface to really feel the beach stone.
They make lovely promise rings, bridesmaid gifts, and souvenirs of dreamy summer days. And lovely both for those who live in Maine or those who would like a remembrance of special time spent. 
The open length of this sterling silver necklace is 23.5”, but can be worn in a variety of lengths around the neck. The stone is approximately 45mm x 10mm and the pendant drops 56mm total.   Additionally, if you’re interested in a multiple necklaces for bridesmaids gifts, or even cufflinks sets for groomsmen, I can send photos of the current collection of pebbles in your desired color scheme!

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