Wag Rags

The Original Wag Rag
100% recycled dog toy
"Turning Rags Into Wags"

Wag Rags are eco-friendly and hand- knotted dog toys. All of our toys are made from recycled t-shirts , which gives dogs a soft and gentle chew and leaves owners with no fraying ends or mess to pick up. All of our toys are knotted—not braided— which means no unraveling. Hand knotting adds extra strength and durability!

Drool and dirt is no problem for these toys. Wag Rags are washer and dryer friendly; after all, they are t-shirts!

Owners and their dogs will have lots of fun with Wag Rags! Even dogs that don’t usu- ally like plush toys can still enjoy Wag Rags; just tuck treats in between the knots for a chewing challenge!

Because our products are a handcrafted, recycled product, they come in assorted colors and patterns. Custom requests are not accepted.

Wag Rags are roughly 10-11” in length. Wag Rags take approximately 2-3 days to ship anywhere in the continental U.S.; we do not ship internationally.

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