You Pick 6 Bixby Bar Deal

Pick any 6 chocolate bars from Bixby & Co.

Just Let us know the 6 bars of the following list you would like in the descriptions box at checkout.

These delicious chocolate bars are made from all natural ingredients and certified gluten-free. Made for anyone with a sophisticated sweet tooth. 


Dark Chocolate
Wild Maine Blueberries | Tellicherry Black Pepper | Roasted Walnuts


Dark Chocolate
Sweet Currants | Maine Sea Salt | Roasted Hazelnuts

Heart's Delight

Dark Chocolate
Sun-Dried Strawberries | Ceylon Cinnamon | California Almonds

To The Nines

White Chocolate
Goji Berries | Flavorful Cardamom | Pistachios + Almonds


Milk Chocolate
Sun-Dried Bing Cherries | Red Chipotle Pepper | Roasted Peanuts


Milk Chocolate
Sweet Dark Raisins | Vietnamese Cinnamon | Roasted Walnuts

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